LYSIS FILMS creates digital video content from go-2-whoa, web to broadcast, for business, educational, local and state government, and not-for profits.

Our passion is communicating environmental and social justice issues. At best our work communicates realities and solutions to critical issues affecting communities around the globe such as; loss of wilderness, food security, sustainability, renewables and human rights.

We provide complete and digital video production services for:

  • Clean Green (no spin) Corporate Promos and Infos
  • Not For Profit Promos, Infos, and Docos
  • Educational Promos, Infos and Docos
  • Broadcast content

Some of our past and present clients include:

  • Colong Foundation for Wilderness
  • UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Mountains Youth Services Team
  • Epacris Environmental Consultants, Pty Ltd.
  • Landlign Environmental Contracting, Pty Ltd.
  • Blue Mountains City Council
  • Randwick City Council
  • The Australian Bush Heritage Fund
  • The Greens (ACT)
  • The Wilderness Society
  • National Parks Association of NSW
  • Community Aid Abroad

“And I’m regularly reminded of how good your work is when I hear
unsolicited feedback on the Mungo footage – friends coming back
from there who had no idea that we were involved with that project.”
(Richard Delaney, Epacris Environmental Consultants)