2xDVDs. Includes the documentaries:

+ extra footage and archival news clips

+ ECO Challenge Sheet

Of interest to environmentalists, bushwalkers, Senior High School & Undergrad Students studying:

  • Outdoor Education
  • Environment
  • Social Ecology
  • Deep Ecology
  • Ecopsychology
  • Anything outside-the-square
  • Or challenge inside-the-square students to break out!

DVD ONE: South West Tasmania


Gary Caganoff’s first film, made in 1991/92 filled a much needed niche in environmental education. Ahead of its time it still remains relevant 20 years on.

With an eloquent interview of Senator Bob Brown of the Australian Greens and Gary’s own poetic narrative structure FOR ITS OWN SAKE takes For Its Own Sakethe viewer on a journey through the rugged and spectacular South West Tasmanian World Heritage Area. The film challenges the viewer to see the environment and society in a new way.

FOR ITS OWN SAKE poses questions about our dominant social value system. ‘If the attitudes we have now are hurting the planet, shouldn’t we look at changing our value system?’

The second film on the first DVD is THE SECOND STEP (26min). This film was shot almost ten years later in the same area as For Its Own Sake. Seeing the two films play one after the other is interesting in many respects. They both compliment each other perfectly.

DVD TWO: North West TasmaniaTarkiner Paner

TARKINER PANER was made for The Wilderness Society, Hobart in 1993 to accompany the written proposal to list the Tarkine wilderness as World Heritage. The 22 minute film highlights the Tarkine’s incredible ecological values and takes a look at it’s indigenous history in regards to the Tarkiners who inhabited the area for more than 500 generations before they were ’rounded up’ by the colonial governments of the time. This film sold over 200 copies in its first two weeks upon release in late 1993. The film helped boost the profile of the remote and largely unknown area – making it the hottest environmental topic in the country.

Two years later the Tarkine became Australia’s biggest environmental battle of its time. Environmentalists spent two years trying to stop the government bulldozing a road through the heart of the 350,000 hectare wilderness. The film MANIFESTATIONS is a tribute to the thousands of people who spent their time trying to stop the road, especially the young full time activists who became known through the media as the ‘Tarkine Tigers’.

Most of the footage was shot by the protesters themselves. Along with some of his own footage Gary has edited this to a 25 minute commemoration/celebration. Set to Beethoven’s 9th the film is a vox pop of images of the Tarkine experience. Like few other films MANIFESTATIONS captures the underlying spirit of environmental activism.